Advanced Analytics

Willdan Leverages Advanced Analytics

Willdan’s software teams (Integral Analytics, The Weidt Group, and SMART developers) provide utility-leading, integrated software to optimize buildings, programs, and power grids. Our software is used nationwide by architects, engineers, facility owners, city governments, grid owners, and over 100 utilities. Our applications save you time and identify the most cost-effective way to reach your energy and resiliency goals.

Willdan’s applications include:

  • LoadSEER - multi-year planning and grid valuation by merging econometric, geospatial, and engineering analysis
  • DSMore - cost-effectiveness scoring and distributed energy resource valuation analysis
  • IDROP - real-time distributed asset valuation, forecasting, and dispatch choreography for utilities and asset owners
  • MuniMagic Plus municipal and government data management, including special charges and parcel taxes
  • B3 Benchmarking - advanced metrics for rating buildings
  • NEO Net Energy Optimizer® - automated, real-time energy modeling that streamlines new construction design and existing building retrofits
  • SMART - secure, transparent data and process management for programs and projects
  • ViewPoint - program management software tool that connects operations, clients, and customers on one platform

In addition to our own software, Willdan provides GIS services and uses CRM systems, Salesforce, eQUEST, and other applications to enhance program and project delivery.

Highlighted Software for Project Planning


B3 Benchmarking knows how efficiently your buildings use energy so you can prioritize energy improvement projects and deferred maintenance.


NEO identifies available technologies and early cost estimates, leading to an efficient use of audit resources and the most cost-effective project.

Highlighted Project

We have licensed our software to utilities and used it in support of a wide range of projects at public agencies and private firms. Here's an example of a project where our technology has been instrumental.

LoadSEER screen

Pacific Gas & Electric Company

LoadSEER License for Forecasting and Planning

Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG&E) has relied on LoadSEER since 2011 as a core application to support its Integrated Grid Planning team, which is responsible for planning, capitalizing, and optimizing the future of the electric distribution network that serves over 5 million California customers. LoadSEER provides rigorous load forecasting, solar, storage, and EV adoption scenario planning and insights that support capital decisions on where and when to upgrade the system. The California Public Utility Commission recognized PG&E's use of LoadSEER as a best practice for electric grid modeling amid changes in customer demand and an influx of solar and electric vehicles. LoadSEER provides PG&E decision makers with the dynamic, granular forecasting required to understand the reliability and financial impacts of these changes up to 20 years into the future at hourly resolution.

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