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Financial Services

Payoff Quotes

For Financial Services Payoff Quote Requests, please call our toll-free line at 866-807-6864 or email at

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Online Reports and Data

For Financial Services reporting pages, visit Online Reports and Data.

Electronic Plan Review

Willdan has long had the ability to provide plan review services electronically, at no additional cost to the jurisdiction or applicants. The many advantages of our “tree-saving” electronic plan review process includes the elimination of the need for additional computer software or hardware–only an Internet connection is necessary. Electronic plan review services are provided at the request of the applicant or the agency we serve. Submittals are accepted in PDF format and reviewed in Bluebeam. Willdan will review plans and has the ability to transmit the redlined plans back to the applicant or designer via the website, along with the plan review comment sheet.

This service allows for on-line collaboration between the jurisdiction, designer and plans examiner to facilitate a complete understanding of plan review comments and can reduce shipping, printing and timelines for plan review processing for the applicant.

Our EPR portal also serves as an accurate log of all plans coming in and going out. Jurisdictions’ staff will have full access to the site and will have the ability to check status, review redlines, comments, etc.

For more information, please contact Estelle Cope at Willdan.