Smart Cities and Microgrids

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Willdan Helps Cities Take Smart Steps into a Carbon-Free Future

Both smart cities and microgrids use real-time data and communication to efficiently manage assets and energy resources. They support economic growth and improve quality of life through Internet of Things (IoT) communications and sensor innovation. Whether you’re a city manager, business owner, or property manager, Willdan can plan, design, and implement a customized, holistic solution for you that integrates services that lower operating costs while delivering energy resilience, reliability, and independence.

Willdan’s holistic approach considers all major aspects of smart city solutions, including:

  • Microgrids, Energy, and Grid Management
  • EV Integration and Intelligent Transportation
  • Energy Efficiency and Sustainability
  • Municipal and Building Planning
  • Environmental Management, Water, and Waste
  • Public Services
  • Physical and Cyber Security
  • Financial and Technical Feasibility

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Highlighted Projects

Willdan’s smart city experts are teaming with innovative research and technology partners around the world to develop the next generation of replicable microgrid designs and smart city solutions that will advance the industry.

A few of these projects are featured below.

Chicago skyline with IIT

Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) - Chicago, IL

Expanding a Campus Microgrid to a Smart City

Willdan supports the continuous improvement of a world-class microgrid and its expansion into a smart city ecosystem. The $65 million initiative uses DOE funding and includes multiple projects:

  • IIT’s Microgrid: 1 MW Solar, 8 MW NG Turbine, 10 kW Wind, 500 kWh flow battery, 500 kWh Li-Ion batteries; Workforce Training: university courses, public education, technical certification
  • Intelligent Streetlights Pilot for Commonwealth Edison
  • Master controller design that expands the microgrid to the Bronzeville Community, connecting and optimizing DERs and buildings
  • Combined heat and power plant rehabilitation for Bronzeville District heating and electric system
Culver City veterans memorial park

City of Culver City, CA

Community Microgrid and Transportation Studies

Willdan developed a preliminary design, specifications for procurement, and an implementation roadmap that meet the City’s technical, operating, and financial needs. The proposed microgrid would be located at Culver City’s Veterans Memorial Park and adjacent facilities. It offers a fully renewable, cost-effective, and resilient energy supply while achieving Zero Net Energy goals. Willdan is also creating an implementation roadmap for transportation electrification. This includes electric vehicle and facility needs assessments, microgrid integration strategies, and identifying funding, procurement, and policy compliance recommendations.

METU campus aerial view

US Trade Development Agency (USTDA) - Ankara, Turkey

Smart Cities Roadmap for Middle East Technical University

Willdan is developing a Smart Campus Roadmap that proposes advanced technology solutions to help efficiently manage the campus’ energy, water, and transportation services. We provide recommendations to modernize buildings and facilities to promote renewable energy and storage, better regulate energy and water usage, improve transportation, and enhance the campus’ safety and security features. As part of this project, we have proposed a centralized management and control system to consolidate data collection and operation for critical campus systems.

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