Custom Technology Solutions

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Technology Solutions for Your Facilities

We implement custom solutions to address your building needs, and more. We specialize in fixing and renovating existing facilities, to make them efficient, safe, and reliable for the long-term.

Solutions Customized for Your Facilities

  • HVAC, Mechanical, & Central Plants


    Willdan improves occupant comfort through customized upgrades and redesign of HVAC, central plants, and accessory mechanical equipment

  • Controls & Monitoring

    Controls & Monitoring

    Willdan implements controls to enhance building performance, save energy, and extend equipment life through monitoring and early diagnosis of potential issues

  • Lighting


    Willdan installs lighting upgrades to save energy, optimize light levels, and help improve occupant productivity and performance

  • Electrical


    Willdan modernizes electrical infrastructure to ensure building safety and address capacity increases with facility renovations

  • Resiliency


    Willdan improves electrical resiliency through emergency generators, redundant electrical services, and uninterrupted power supply system

  • Distributed Energy & Microgrids

    Distributed Energy & Microgrids

    Willdan uses real-time data and communication to efficiently manage assets and energy resources to deliver energy resilience, reliability, and independence

  • Solar & Battery Storage

    Solar & Battery Storage

    Willdan installs solar PV and battery storage systems to decrease utility bills and provide clean energy sources for building owners

  • Building & Fleet Electrification

    Building & Fleet Electrification

    Willdan provides strategic solutions to electrify buildings, buses, city fleets, and other vehicles with an emphasis on scalability and lowest long-term cost

  • Indoor Air Quality

    Indoor Air Quality

    Willdan limits airborne transmission of pathogens through temperature and humidity control, improved ventilation, and enhanced filtration

  • Building Envelope

    Building Envelope

    Willdan upgrades roofing, windows, doors, and weatherization to reduce air infiltration, improve building aesthetics, and save energy

  • Water & Wastewater

    Water & Wastewater

    Willdan improves processes, modernizes controls, and configures energy-efficient equipment to work synergistically to reduce utility expenses and maintenance costs

  • Geothermal


    Willdan installs ground-source heat pumps to reduce maintenance and energy costs and drive electrification of HVAC

  • Site Utility Infrastructure

    Site Utility Infrastructure

    Willdan designs, installs and repairs systems for electric, gas, water, and sewer site utilities

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