Financial Consulting Services

Financial Consulting Services

Providing Transformative Financial, Rate, and Capital Planning Solutions

For over 30 years, Willdan has helped communities across the country address financial, economic, rate, and capital planning challenges. We continue to lead our clients through changes in resources, technology, regulations, and industry trends transforming government and commerce. Our team of senior-level consultants specialize in providing rate studies, cost of service studies, bond feasibility reports, impact fees, funding strategies, utility valuation and acquisition services, non-ad valorem assessments, special assessments and financial feasibility analyses, as well as regulatory compliance and administrative services to public agencies.

Our approach produces powerful analytical models that are easy to use and capable of running multiple scenarios as inputs are changed to produce targeted financial metrics and ratios. All of our analytical tools are accompanied with interactive user support. Our experts work with you to make your data meaningful, actionable, and compelling to all stakeholders. Key services include:

  • Rates, Fees, and Charges
  • Financial & Capital Planning
  • Debt Issuance Support

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Highlighted Projects

Town of Elon

Town of Elon, NC

Capital Planning & Funding Strategies

The Town faced significant expenditures in capital projects to continue providing quality service to Elon University, one of the top academic colleges in the country as ranked by U.S. News & World Best Colleges Report 2021, as well as a growing retail customer base. The Town required a financial plan that would meet the capital funding needs while mitigating the rate impact on existing customers.

Willdan developed a dynamic, decision-making (dashboard) model that incorporated a variety of scenarios and various funding options including:

  • American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Proceeds
  • New debt issuances
  • State and Federal grants

City of Oviedo, FL

Financial & Capital Planning

The City has experienced significant changes and growth over the last decade, requiring financial and capital planning for most of the City departments. Since 2013, Willdan has assisted the City with a broad range of professional services including:

  • Water and Wastewater Rates
  • Reclaimed Water Rates
  • Stormwater Fees
  • Special Districts for Street Lighting and Fires Services
  • Solid Waste and Recycling Contract Negotiations
  • Cost Allocation Plan and Financial Feasibility Analyses

These ongoing services have supported the City and its management team as it continues to address the changing needs of a thriving community.


Brownsville Public Utilities Board, TX

Water and Wastewater Rate Study and Financial Plan

The Brownsville Public Utilities Board (BPUB) manages and operates the City’s combined water, wastewater, and electric systems. Faced with significant growth and hundreds of millions of dollars in capital improvement costs, BPUB needed a water and wastewater rate study and long-term financial plan. Willdan completed a comprehensive analysis providing:

  • A Multi-Year Rate Plan
  • A Capital Funding Plan (Debt, Reserves, Grants, etc.)

The success of the project led to adoption of the rate and financial plan by the elected officials and provided a path for continued economic development.


City of Lakeport, CA

Water and Wastewater Rate Study and Cost-of-Service Study

The City had not adjusted rates in several years and needed a water and wastewater rate and cost-of-service study that would meet the ever-changing legal requirements of Proposition 218. Willdan developed comprehensive rate and cost-of-service models that:

  • Are in accordance with standards established by the American Water Works Association (AWWA) as defined in Manual M1
  • Were reviewed by Proposition 218 legal experts who stated that the study would stand up to potential legal challenges.

Having addressed the concerns of legal opposition, the City Council was able to adopt the rates.


Town of Mead, CO

Development Impact Fees Study

Being a small but growing area, the Town needed to update its development impact fees to meet the requirements of Colorado Revised Statutes (CRS 29-20-104.5). The impact fees developed by Willdan for the Town included:

  • Municipal Facilities
  • Parks and Open Spaces
  • Storm Drainage
  • Transportation

The resulting fees were equitable, legally defensible, and provided the Town with the necessary mechanisms for recovering costs associated with new growth.