energy efficiency for industrial facilities

Willdan’s Time-Tested Expertise Helps Reduce Industrial Energy Spend

With 40+ years of energy efficiency expertise in the industrial sector, Willdan identifies energy-savings opportunities to help building owners offset utility rate increases and meet GHG emission reduction goals. We provide recommendations to optimize efficient operations, reduce maintenance costs, and increase equipment lifecycles and resiliency for the complex motor systems that comprise roughly 70% of industrial electrical usage. These include compressed air, vacuum/dust collection, refrigeration, process cooling, HVAC, ventilation, exhaust, blowers, grinders, and oxidizers. We also identify full scopes of work, manage turnkey implementation, and help teams conduct financial analysis of bids. We conclusively validate energy savings estimates by providing M&V for each system.

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Highlighted Projects

Consolidated Edison SMB

Northrop Grumman Corporation – Hawthorne, CA

Compressed Air Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Upgrade Project

Northrop Grumman Corporation’s 1,000,000-square-foot facility in Hawthorne, California runs its production cycle 24/7 and includes a compressed air wind tunnel testing system. Willdan conducted a comprehensive audit and concluded that the compressor operated inefficiently when the wind tunnel was not in use. Willdan installed a 75 hp VFD trim compressor designed to operate during wind tunnel downtime and to provide compressed air for other facility needs at reduced volumes. Following system installation, M&V confirmed operation system efficiency exceeded goals by more than 50%. Northrop Grumman is now saving $171,800 in annual energy cost savings (818,096 kWh in annual energy savings and a demand savings reduction of 93.39 kW), with a simple payback on project investment of 1.17 years. This upgrade will also extend the lifecycle of existing equipment. Willdan continues to work with Northrop Grumman on other energy efficiency projects to support a reduction in energy use and GHG emissions.

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