Corporate Sustainability

Our business model focuses on improving sustainability in the businesses and communities we serve. A significant portion of our revenues are derived from improving energy efficiency, reducing greenhouse gases, and making infrastructure more sustainable. We are dedicated to environmental sustainability and the integration of the environmental, social, and governance framework into our business practices and decision-making. We are committed to operating responsibly and ethically and to the protection of our planet as we grow our business in the communities where we live and work. Our goal is to reduce our ecological footprint and our environmental impact as we help our clients reduce carbon intensity, becoming cleaner and more sustainable together.

Sustainability Report

Willdan’s Sustainability Report highlights our actions and progress to achieve carbon neutrality, including the completion of our first greenhouse gas emissions inventory for Scopes 1 and 2, as described in the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Corporate Accounting Reporting Standard. This report also profiles our commitment to the United Nations Global Compact.


Reducing Greenhouse Gases

Since 2013, Willdan’s projects for customers have saved the equivalent of more than 5.7 million MTCO2e, based on initial year savings:

Cars on Road

1.3 million

cars taken off the road in one year

Homes Electricity

1.1 million

fewer homes' electricity use for one year


6.8 million

more acres of U.S. forests in one year


We are committed to operating with honesty and integrity and maintaining the highest level of ethical conduct. Our Code of Ethical Conduct demonstrates our commitment to ascribing to the highest standards of ethical conduct in the pursuit of our business. We apply this Code to all our directors, officers, and employees.


Willdan’s Code of Ethical Conduct is the foundation of our commitment to human rights. We recognize that respecting human rights is not only a moral imperative but also essential to the long-term sustainability of our organization and our relationships in the communities in which we operate.