Engineering Analysis

Ground Your Project in Expert Technical Analysis and Energy Audits

The first step of any engineering project is to conduct an in-depth analysis, assessing existing systems, identifying potential improvements, and creating a roadmap to meet our clients’ goals. Willdan has provided engineering services for 60 years. Our team leads ASHRAE audits (Level I, II, and III) to determine projected savings and develop recommendations.

Willdan offers benchmarking, project analysis, and energy modeling for all sectors across the country. See our industry-leading software for project planning.

Cities and public agencies: we can assess your plan reviews, urban planning projects, enhance your transportation systems, mitigate traffic, provide GIS services (Brochure or GIS Applications for Public Agencies), and optimize the design of your city. Our team provides geotechnical engineering services> to facilitate expansion in thriving, densely populated cities, as well as developing areas.

Highlighted Project

Queens College Science Building Condition Assessment Study

Queens, NY

Science Building Condition Assessment Study

Established in 1937, Queens College is a public university with 40 buildings across 80 acres. Willdan conducted a condition assessment study of the primary science facility and was responsible for the facility energy assessment, design, and evaluation of the building’s options for mechanical systems upgrades. Willdan provided construction management for the resulting project, which led to annual savings of 942,000 kWh and 11,000 MMBtu.