SDG&E Business Energy Solutions Program

Small business owner

Rebates and expertise make it easy to lower your energy costs

The Business Energy Solutions Program (BES) by San Diego Gas and Electric (SDG&E®) makes it easy for small business customers to upgrade their energy efficiency.

As an SDG&E authorized contractor for BES, Willdan Energy Solutions provides a one-stop shop to walk you through the project from initial audit to post-installation.

What is provided?

  • A no-cost energy audit that delivers a report which shows how we can potentially help you save.
  • A program catalog offering offering measures including LED Lighting and Refrigeration.
  • Many of these products are offered at no cost to you

Who is eligible?

  • The BES program is currently available to small commercial customers whose monthly maximum demand has not exceeded 20 kW within the past 12 months.
  • Customers must also pay the Public Purpose Program (PPP) surcharge in order to be eligible.

How does it work?

  • When you contact Willdan, we will confirm eligibility, get a little more information regarding your business and schedule a time that is best for you to conduct the no-cost energy audit.
  • We prepare an audit report with customized recommendations and available incentives for you, and meet with you to respond to your questions.
  • If you decide to proceed, we will arrange for installation. The process and timing for this depends on variable factors, including the number of upgrades and your availability. Our first priorities are safety and quality of work, but please know that we try to be as efficient as possible and minimize our disruptions to your business.
  • Upon completion of the project, we will walk the site with you to make sure you are completely satisfied.

Who are Willdan’s approved subcontractors?

  • Staples Energy
  • Going Green NRG
  • Alpha Energy
  • Eco-Star Energy Solutions
  • PureLED Inc.

What Our Customers Say

“Our compliments to Willdan. [Your auditor]... was patient and thorough as I questioned and got comfortable with his recommendations... Everything was timely and professional.”

Old Town Professional Building

100% Rebate on Lighting Upgrades for Old Town Professional Building, San Diego

Willdan installed 4th generation fluorescents with electronic ballasts, new LEDs, and diffusers. Since the building is home to a variety of small businesses, ensuring a smooth transition from old to new lighting was essential.

  • Estimated Annual Energy Cost Savings: $3,600
  • Total Cost of upgrades: $13,324
  • BES Program Rebate: $13,324
San Diego Old Town Professional Bldg