Willdan Enters a Strategic Alliance with Technology Provider Energetico to Improve Energy Efficiency, Air Quality, and Greenhouse Gas Emission Reductions

Apr 8, 2020 | Other News

Willdan has formed a strategic alliance with Energetico, Inc. to introduce Energetico’s proprietary environmental Climate Processor® technology for hospitals, arenas, public facilities, schools, and other venues.

The Energetico Climate Processor® significantly reduces energy costs and produces pure water while “scrubbing” the indoor air of pathogens such as viruses, mold, and bacteria. It also reduces overall greenhouse gas emissions, significantly lowering customers’ carbon footprint. The Energetico solution typically saves 25% - 60% of a building's energy costs; produces healthier, more comfortable air; and offers a new source of “off the grid” water. This system is a standalone, plug-and-play system which seamlessly integrates into venues without the necessity of replacing existing HVAC systems. It is extremely efficient and operates in all climates. 

Willdan will partner with Energetico to sell and install the Energetico Climate Processors® at hospitals, arenas, school systems, and public facilities nationwide. Willdan currently provides turnkey implementation and, to help make this technology affordable for facilities of all sizes, offers a Performance Service Agreement. With this agreement, customers can avoid upfront costs and finance their upgrade through energy savings.

“We’re pleased to work with Energetico and provide our customers with a more cost-effective, efficient solution for environments that require precision humidity control and that demand clean, disinfected air,” said Scott McVey, P.E, Willdan’s Sr. Vice President.

“Energetico is thrilled to be partnering with Willdan to provide the market with breakthrough energy efficiency technology,” said Scott Morris, Energetico’s President. “We help customers save money, improve air quality, and fight global climate change head-on.”