Dave Davies to present at Municipal Market Disclosure meeting

Jan 26, 2018 | Presentations

Dave Davies, Senior Project Manager for Willdan Financial Services, is presenting a session at the California Debt and Investment Advisory Commission meeting “Municipal Market Disclosure” being held in Fresno, CA on February 7, 2018. His co-presenter is Lakshmi Kommi, Director of Debt Management at the City of San Diego.

The session is titled “ Continuing Disclosure, Part 1 – Ongoing Communication with the Market”. This session will focus on good policies and practices for secondary disclosure reporting and will provide a formal explanation of the continuing disclosure undertaking, which is executed by the issuer and/or obligor of the securities at closing. The panel will discuss how issuer practices can be improved through a commitment to the continuing disclosure undertaking, a review of documents, and the use of disclosure consultants and/or dissemination agents, new technologies, or voluntary reporting using EMMA.