Chris Bullard Presents to New York Solar Energy Society

Oct 23, 2014 | Presentations

Chris Bullard, Energy Efficiency Project Manager for Willdan Energy Solutions in New York, presented at the New York Solar Energy Society’s (NYSES) Solar Salon on October 8, 2014. NYSES is a regional chapter of the American Solar Energy Society whose mission is to encourage the understanding and use of solar energy and smart grid technologies. The salon brought together energy efficiency and distributed generation thought leaders to foster dialogue on innovative, holistic approaches to sustainability. Presenters included key stakeholders in energy finance as well as the head of distributed generation for Consolidated Edison.

In his presentation, Chris emphasized the critical role energy efficiency, battery storage, and other energy-reduction measures play in solving issues related to grid congestion and high energy costs. He also highlighted NYSERDA’s incentive programs, which are available to customers to facilitate the implementation of such measures. Chris demonstrated that, as interest in combining distributed generation with energy efficiency strategies grows, customers and utilities alike can make meaningful progress towards improving grid resiliency and realizing significant energy cost savings.