Willdan Announces Unified Brand

Apr 17, 2008 | Press Release

ANAHEIM, Calif.,–April 17, 2008–Willdan Group, Inc. (“Willdan”) (NASDAQ:WLDN), a leading provider of outsourced services to public agencies, today announced that it is blending the identities of its operating divisions into a single, unified brand.

“We are unifying the Willdan brand because we now operate as one company,” stated Willdan CEO Tom Brisbin. "This significant change enables us to more effectively recognize and capitalize on the collaboration opportunities among our three business segments: engineering, public finance and homeland security. Acting together as one team makes us more effective in marketing our diversified services, and most importantly, in serving our clients.”

Willdan has dedicated itself to providing public agencies with reliable engineering and consulting services for more than 40 years. Originally started as a civil engineering firm, the company evolved into a professional services firm offering a broad array of solutions through its subsidiary companies: MuniFinancial, Arroyo Geotechnical and American Homeland Solutions. The new brand unites these companies under the Willdan banner, returning the company to the single name with which it was founded in 1964.

Willdan’s operating divisions offer services in three segments to serve the needs of cities, counties, and special districts, as well as state and federal agencies.

Engineering Services

Willdan Engineering offers a full complement of engineering services including city and special district engineering, civil and structural, building and safety, water and wastewater, and traffic and transportation; as well as landscape architecture, public works and infrastructure design, construction management, and municipal planning services. The company serves clients throughout California and the western United States, specializing in solutions tailored to the unique needs of municipalities and other local government agencies. Services range from full-time, in-house staffing to interim or part-time assistance on a project-by-project basis.

Willdan Geotechnical (formerly Arroyo Geotechnical) offers geotechnical engineering, engineering geology, and construction material testing and inspection services. We also maintain a full-service soil testing laboratory certified by the City of Los Angeles and California Department of Transportation. Consulting engineering and construction support services are provided to public agencies for capital improvement projects, and to private developers for major civil and commercial/ industrial projects, or as third-party reviews.

Willdan Resource Solutions—our newest operating division—provides environmental consulting, construction, remediation, and engineering services. Our highly experienced team encompasses many technical disciplines and programs including human health and ecological risk assessment, toxicology, chemistry, geochemistry, geology, hydrology, hydrogeology, chemical engineering, environmental engineering, environmental planning, hazardous materials and waste management, surface/storm water management, and environmental compliance.

Public Finance Services

Willdan Financial Services (formerly MuniFinancial) specializes in providing revenue generation, enhancement, and administration services to public agencies. We serve more than 800 clients that include cities, counties, state agencies, port authorities, housing agencies, special districts, and school districts in more than 35 states. We further support our clients by conducting year-round workshops and on-site training to assist them in keeping current with the latest developments in our areas of expertise.

Homeland Security Services

Willdan Homeland Solutions (formerly American Homeland Solutions) specializes in a broad range of public safety and homeland security consulting services—including training, planning and hazard mitigation, exercises, and management services and personnel investigations. We focus on integrating local resources and assets within state and federal systems, and are staffed with highly experienced and credible law enforcement, fire, and related public safety professionals whose credentials were earned in the field. Our primary clients are cities, counties, and related municipal service agencies such as utility and water companies. Additionally, we provide a variety of services to port and transportation authorities as well as tribal governments, schools, and large business enterprises with a need for homeland security-related services.

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