Inspections and Compliance

Engineering Ispections and Compliance

Willdan Delivers Thorough Inspections and Compliance Checks

Willdan has a rigorous inspection process and ranking system in place for both our survey and post-installation inspections. Our team of engineers understands that inspections and compliance are critical. These inspections determine if projects are completed to specification and our survey processes measure customer satisfaction, providing an opportunity for us to learn from and improve our processes.

Our staff and the contractors we employ are educated on local laws and regulations to ensure compliance and safety. We have developed best practices and procedures over our 50+ years of engineering experience, and strictly adhere to our measurement and verification (M&V), quality control, and quality assurance plans. We also provide materials testing services, public works inspections, and building and safety inspections.

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Highlighted Project

Greeley County Courthouse Facilities Improvements

Greeley County

Long-Term Facilities Improvements

Willdan developed and implemented a facility improvement program to make long-term (25+ years) upgrades to Greeley County facilities. The result was an entirely new, highly-efficient courthouse with up-to-date systems that provide premium comfort and indoor environment quality for occupants. The drastically needed improvement projects at all three facilities have delivered peace of mind to county staff while avoiding risk of failure or downtime.

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City of Phoenix

City of Phoenix, AZ

Building and Safety Plan Review and Inspection

We currently have a contract to provide in-house plan review services, which include building, plumbing, mechanical, electrical, energy, and fire code compliance for permit issuance purposes. We are also contracted to provide in-house field inspections for building, mechanical, plumbing, electrical, energy, and fire code compliance for the construction of new developments within the city. We were awarded the Planning and Development Department field inspections and building plan review services for residential and commercial projects.