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Willdan specializes in providing traffic engineering and planning services to governmental agencies. Our services range from responding to citizen complaints to designing and managing multimillion dollar capital improvement projects.

Currently our staff serve as contract City Traffic Engineers or provide traffic engineering services for approximately 40 cities in the Southwest.

Our front-line knowledge and understanding of local road and traffic conditions are the cornerstone of our services. Willdan’s traffic engineering staff applies state-of-the-art concepts to confirm the adequacy of transportation facilities, to determine the need for traffic control devices, and to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the transportation system.

Our staff of experts conducts traffic surveys and data collection, investigates motorist and vehicle characteristics—identifying and making recommendations on traffic safety, utilizes traffic laws and enforcement to determine traffic signal timing, and evaluates highway operations. Willdan prepares traffic engineering designs to warn, regulate, and guide traffic. We develop geometric design and channelization, traffic signal and street lighting plans, parking lot designs, and develop traffic control plans for construction.

Representative Projects

Rolling Hills Estates artist rendering
City of Rolling Hills Estates, Palos Verdes Drive North Bike Lane and Improvement Project

APWA Southern California awarded this project a 2014 BEST for Traffic, Mobility, and Beautification.

Willdan secured $2.5 million in federal (LACMTA Call for Projects Grant) and state funds for this $4 million project, and provided professional engineering and construction engineering services.


What began as a two-lane arterial street is now a beautiful multi-modal scenic corridor lined with California Pepper Trees and iconic three-rail white fencing, a Complete Street with traffic calming elements, landscaped center medians, enhanced bike lanes, two pedestrian/equestrian crossings, an equestrian bridle trail and wide pedestrian path. Before and after studies have shown that bike traffic has doubled and traffic congestion has declined. More joggers, school children and beginning bicyclists are using the off-street paths. Traffic speeds have fallen, making active transportation choices more inviting.

for the widening of 1.3 miles of roadway, 5-foot bike lanes within a 200-foot right-of-way, a second through lane at major intersections, raised medians, street resurfacing and traffic signal modifications.  In addition, Willdan Engineering provided utility coordination/relocation, geotechnical engineering and testing,  federal funding administration; environmental clearance (NEPA and CEQA); contract administration and construction inspection.

City of Lakewood, On-Call Traffic Engineering Services, Lakewood, California


Willdan provides on-call traffic engineering services to the City of Lakewood, California. In addition to general traffic engineering services, Willdan processes citizen’s requests, and patron’s plan and development review. Willdan also provides supportive traffic engineering services under the direction of the Director of Public Works, such as preparation of traffic signal, traffic control, signing and striping plans, preparing warrant analysis, and traffic inventory reports as well as development of the street sweeping program and parking studies.