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Comprehensive Solutions—Integrated Approach

Founded in 1964, Willdan Group, Inc. is a leading nationwide provider of value-added professional technical and consulting services. The primary markets Willdan serves are: energy; infrastructure and transportation; municipal engineering, planning, and staff augmentation; economic and financial analysis; and homeland security and emergency management. The company serves these four complementary markets through its four service segments — engineering (Willdan Engineering), energy efficiency (Willdan Energy Solutions), public finance (Willdan Financial Services) and homeland security (Willdan Homeland Solutions).

Willdan has a reputation for delivering high-quality projects on time and within budget. Rooted in Willdan’s corporate culture is its focus on quality customer service. The company has more than 800 employees, including licensed engineers, program and construction managers, financial analysts, planners, and other skilled professionals.

Willdan benefits from well-established relationships with local and state government agencies, investor-owned and municipal utilities, and private sector commercial and industrial firms throughout the United States. The company served more than 800 distinct clients in 2013. Headquartered in Anaheim, the company operates from offices in more than a dozen states across the US.

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Willdan has been delivering skilled, integrated, cost-effective engineering and planning services to its clients for 50 years. Whether you need one on-site staff expert or a full project team that can tap our nationwide resources and expertise, Willdan combines multidisciplinary experience and expertise, technical excellence, and management proficiency to deliver flexible, practical solutions at the lowest possible cost.

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Willdan has provided superior engineering and planning consulting services for 50 years. During that time, Willdan has earned an outstanding reputation as problem solvers by successfully delivering comprehensive, yet tailored, solutions to meet the specific needs of municipalities, counties, and special districts—as well as state and federal agencies—throughout California, the Southwest, and nationwide.

Combining an integrated approach with state-of-the-art technical resources, depth of staffing, and services that are both wide ranging, yet complementary, Willdan supports all phases of project development from concepts and financing through final design and construction. Throughout these phases our emphasis is on strong project management, cost effectiveness, timely performance, and consistent reciprocal communication—both with our clients and among our internal and external resources. Our experts and engineering professionals are adept at communicating their practical knowledge and technical expertise across disciplines in pursuing the most practical and effective solution for each project.

Willdan's broad array of engineering and design capabilities encompasses city and special district engineering, contract staffing, urban and regional planning, environmental planning, plan checking, building and safety, program/construction management, public works inspection, disaster recovery, and infrastructure design including structural, roads and highways, traffic and transportation, water and wastewater, flood control and drainage, survey and mapping, GIS, geotechnical and earthquake engineering, and landscape architecture. Specialties of particular interest to our municipal clients and public agencies include grant application assistance, National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) coordination and compliance, and American with Disabilities Act (ADA) analysis and compliance.

Specialty areas within our engineering and planning sectors include:

Contract Staffing and Planning. Our understanding of the needs and challenges facing public agencies is unmatched in the industry. Willdan's professionals often serve to extend our clients' staff as city engineers and other public agency positions ranging from full-time, in-house staffing to interim or part-time assistance. Additionally, a significant portion of our staff has served in public agency management positions prior to joining Willdan, infusing our organization with an in-depth understanding of the issues driving local governments. Regional and satellite offices are specifically networked and strategically located to offer local, focused service to the varied demographics of our public agency customers. Consequently, Willdan's ability to develop innovative yet practical solutions specifically adapted to the needs of individual communities remains unsurpassed.

Geotechnical. Willdan offers geotechnical engineering, engineering geology, and construction material testing and inspection services. We also maintain a full-service soil testing laboratory certified by the City of Los Angeles and California Department of Transportation. Consulting engineering and construction support services are provided to public agencies for capital improvement projects, and to private developers for major civil and commercial/ industrial projects, or as third-party reviews.

Major Infrastructure. Federal and state funding for new infrastructure projects is drying up rapidly, leaving public private partnerships and local funding as the primary mechanisms for transportation and large-scale infrastructure projects. Willdan's depth of experience in helping cities govern locally provides a critical value to large programs during this time of change. Our intimate knowledge of city and agency cultures ensures that local concerns are addressed early in the process, avoiding costly delays to project delivery.

Environmental. Willdan provides environmental consulting, construction, remediation, and engineering services. Our highly experienced team encompasses many technical disciplines and programs including human health and ecological risk assessment, toxicology, chemistry, geochemistry, geology, hydrology, hydrogeology, chemical engineering, environmental engineering, environmental planning, hazardous materials and waste management, surface/storm water management, and environmental compliance.

Willdan develops and implements comprehensive energy solutions nationwide for utilities, commercial entities, and all levels of government.  We help our clients realize cost and energy savings by tailoring solutions that serve vertical markets such as data centers, healthcare, lodging, and schools; providing energy reduction plans for large end-user commercial facilities and multi-family residences; and developing and implementing cutting-edge cost-effective measures for small businesses.

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Our highly experienced staff work as independent representatives for our clients to deliver the following services:

  • Expert analysis of energy consumption
  • Identification and implementation of financial strategies including review of incentives/rebates/grants, tax incentives, low-interest funding sources, and performance contracting alternatives
  • Tailored engineering approaches that help customers achieve their energy goals including site surveys, building system upgrades/recommendations, master planning, and incorporation of renewables
  • Direct installation and oversight of implementation that ensure proper application of recommended measures 
  • Measurement and Verification to track and demonstrate long term results of energy solutions
  • Project and Program Management by highly experienced and credentialed technical staff from conceptual design all the way through full project implementation

Serving as facility consultants, large national account energy managers, and utility third party and government program implementers, Willdan has served more than 125,000 customers, saving over 1,600 GWh, while obtaining more than $200 Million in incentives and rebates on behalf of our customers.  Our offices are strategically positioned throughout the U.S., thus allowing us to effectively serve customers anywhere in the country.

Public agencies at every level are being challenged to deliver enhanced services to a growing population—even while confronting budget constraints and meeting a tangle of reporting and compliance requirements. Willdan can enhance your efficiency, effectiveness, and credibility by helping you to both generate revenue and optimize its administration.

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Willdan is known throughout the country for our revenue generation, enhancement, and district administration services to public agencies. For decades, we have delivered high quality services in financial consulting, federal compliance, and district administration to public agencies and, ultimately, to the public. Our clients often utilize us as an extension of their staff, augmenting existing personnel by providing specialized expertise. Our custom solutions include a proprietary database management program that helps clients administer specific special charges and parcel taxes, and IT infrastructure solutions focused on improving staff productivity, reducing user stress, and providing cost-effective recommendations.

Our financial services team supports clients in more than 800 cities, counties, state agencies, port authorities, housing agencies, special districts, school districts and health care agencies in more than 35 states. We further support our clients by conducting year-round workshops and on-site training to assist them in keeping current with the latest developments in our areas of expertise, which include:

September 11, 2001, lent a new urgency to the growing need for national preparedness, homeland security, public safety, and emergency response services. But even before that turning point in national awareness, Willdan had accumulated decades of experience helping clients prepare for the technical, operational, and human challenges that define crisis management. Our experts have helped enhance security measures and readiness at the local, state, and national level.

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Willdan provides national preparedness, homeland security consulting, public safety, and emergency response services that focus on integrating local resources and assets within state and federal systems.

What differentiates Willdan is our staff's uniquely credible and practical expertise. With extensive hands-on experience in local, state, and federal law enforcement, as well as fire and related public safety organizations, our outstanding professionals have served as incident commanders, emergency managers, first responders, and investigators. Willdan has worked closely with state and federal officials on many varied aspects of homeland security and public safety, and can provide our clients with the most effective means of meeting the challenges they face.

Willdan serves a wide variety of clients nationwide, ranging from municipalities, counties, and state and federal agencies to the private sector and non-profit organizations. Included among our clients are utilities, water companies, school districts, port authorities, police and fire departments, and transit agencies. We are fortunate to be able to call upon Willdan's 48 years of experience and our highly regarded engineering, planning, project management, financial analysis, and environmental expertise to enhance our homeland security services.

Communications & Technology. Government agencies face ongoing challenges that involve conflicting missions (operations issues), jurisdictional concerns (governance issues), and incompatible systems (technology issues). The mission of our team is to ensure that emergency responders can communicate, in support of incident objectives.

Emergency Preparedness Planning. The act of writing an emergency plan serves as a catalyst for improved safety and security to reduce the risk of an emergency or disaster. The professionals at Willdan have extensive hands-on experience and offer services in reviewing, evaluating, designing, and implementing a multitude of emergency plans, including Emergency Operations, Hazard Mitigation, Continuity of Operations, and Business Continuity and Recovery.

Emergency Preparedness Training. Willdan offers a variety of practical training courses for comprehensive disaster, unusual occurrence and emergency response. Our Emergency Response Trainers all have over 20 years of actual experience in emergency preparedness and response at the local or state level, and are experts in the integration of local, state, and federal resources during response actions.

Emergency Preparedness Exercises. Customized HSEEP-compliant exercises include WMDs, terrorism, transportation and natural disasters. Our exercises can be tailored for single or multi-agency involvement and are fully compliant with NIMS and the National Response Framework, the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation program, and SEMS (California).