Willdan study shows that DC airports are key economic drivers

May 22, 2014 | Project News

The Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority’s press release on May 21, 2014, highlights a study by Willdan Financial Services (WFS) which quantifies the impact of the capital region’s airports, Dulles Toll Road and the Metrorail Silver Line expansion on jobs, visitor spending, state and local taxes, and business revenue. The Airports Authority's operations generated more than 380,000 jobs and $15.4 billion in payroll in the region in 2012 - equivalent to 4.5% of the Metropolitan Washington Area's GDP. Economic analysis of this type informs the decisions and investments of public and private entities.

A Washington Business Journal article, 40 billion reasons why MWAA's success is crucial to the region quotes some of the most significant data and links to the MWAA/WFS report.