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Impact fee studies for libraries and other public facilities

Development Impact Fees

Impact fees establish the cost of new facilities and the "nexus" or share of responsibility attributable to future development. Willdan Financial Services staff can prepare the nexus study, and provide the analysis necessary to adopt impact fees and implement financings for various public facilities.

Willdan Financial Services staff will provide the expertise that permits the agency to articulate the purpose and use of the fee(s), as well as demonstrate the relationship between the new development and the need for the fee(s) by

  • Identify the purpose of the fee;
  • Identify how the fee will be used;
  • Determine the nexus between the fee being imposed and the development being required to pay the fee; and
  • Determine how there is a reasonable relationship between the amount of the fee and the cost to the public facility, or a portion of the facility attributable to the development on which the fee is being imposed.

Examples of fees include those for transportation, traffic signals, water, sewer, drainage, police, fire, libraries and other facilities impacted by new development. Willdan Financial Services staff can prepare the nexus study necessary to adopt impact fees for various public facilities. While such fees often do not finance facilities because the amount of funds needed to pay for a needed improvement are not available until impact fees associated with the last building permit are paid, they do establish critical equity relationships between various land uses and facilities.