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Fire station

Example user fees: fire services

Cost of Service / User Fee Studies

Our staff advises clients on how to adhere to key legal and policy issues with regard to service fees, including the percent of cost recovery that the agency seeks to achieve. Legally a user fee must have a reasonable relationship to the cost of providing a service. Our approach is aimed at meeting each agency's cost recovery policy while ensuring that each fee is supported by legally defensible documentation and does not exceed warranted costs.

Furthermore, we assist policy makers with examining the economic consequences of alternative policies. The end result of our work is a comprehensive and defensible fee schedule that provides allowable cost recovery for agency services so that general fund revenues are not diverted from general services to the public at large.

Distinctive features of our service include:

  • On-site data gathering and in-depth discussion with agency staff regarding delivery of city service
  • A customized, interactive model, developed in conjunction wtih staff and provided upon project completion for future updates

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