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Continuing Disclosure

Willdan Financial Services takes a progressive and complete approach to continuing disclosure reporting. Rather than simply filling out and disseminating annual data forms, we work closely with our clients to prepare comprehensive reports that comply with the letter and spirit of the SEC rules and regulations.  We meet the needs of the investment community and issuing Agencies to have up to date information regarding events that affect the bonds.

Our service offers:

  • Continuing Disclosure Filing Review
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • On-line access to reports
  • Investor inquiry support
  • Electronic dissemination
  • Preparation of Listed Event Notices
  • SEC and IRS compliance

Since 1995 Willdan Financial Services has prepared over 4,600 reports for bonds with a total face amount of $62 Billion. We have been at the forefront of industry-wide efforts to improve the quality and content of municipal securities information and the development of "Best Practices in Disclosure." Willdan Financial Services has also been a leading proponent of electronic information distribution and was one of the first firms to post disclosure documents on the Internet.

Our disclosure professionals have serviced all sizes and all types of bond issuers and have worked on a wide variety of financings including:

  • General Obligation Bonds
  • Certificates of Participation
  • Tax Allocation Bonds
  • Special Tax Bonds
  • Assessment District Bonds
  • Revenue Bonds
  • Pooled Bonds
  • Refunding Bonds
  • Pension Obligation Bonds

Our continuing disclosure methodology is rooted in complying with the letter and spirit of Rule 10b-5. Our approach allows our clients to minimize the risk of misleading investors by customizing reports to meet individual needs and providing real time access to information. Willdan Financial Services is an independent and unbiased provider of continuing disclosure services, which eliminates the conflict-of-interest suspicion inherent in firms that fill more than one role on a financing. The disclosure analysts at Willdan Financial Services are members of the National Association of Bond Lawyers (NABL),  the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) and the National Federation of Municipal Analysts  (NFMA).