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Building & Safety Fee Studies

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Building and Safety Fee Studies

Do your existing Building and Safety fees cover your true cost of plan check and inspection services?

The only way you can really know for certain is to conduct an updated fee study.

Willdan is the only firm that conducts user fee studies and at the same time provides Building and Safety Department functions to local agencies. As a result of this unique combination of service skills, Willdan brings value to your city in the following ways:

  • Our technically defensible fee schedules are superior to that of our competitors
  • Our intimate knowledge of each portion of the service delivery function provides for greater accuracy, reducing the likelihood of potential challenges
  • Our resulting schedules are, therefore, easier to implement
  • We can develop alternative methodologies for those communities that want to move away from a valuation-based approach.

Willdan routinely provides comprehensive user fee study services to public agencies covering engineering/public works, planning, public safety, parks and recreation and general administrative services. For Building and Safety Fee Studies, our analysis will:

  • Accurately determine the true cost of plan check and inspection services
  • Assess the feasibility of modifying your fee structure from valuation-based to cost-of-service based methodologies
  • Include input and peer review by our local building official staff
  • Provide simple, easy-to-implement fee schedule recommendations
  • Address changing costs over time with automatic updates
  • Present a written plan for implementing recommended fee structure
  • Use transparent policy and technical assumptions
  • Provide customized, user-friendly models