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Assessment and CFD Districts

Willdan Financial Services offers a wide variety of formation and administration services for the following types of districts/programs.

  • Community Facilities Districts
  • 1911/1913/1915 Act Assessment Districts
  • 1972 Act Landscaping and Lighting Districts
  • 1982 Act Benefit Assessment Districts (Maintenance Districts)
  • Property Based Improvement Districts
  • Parcel Taxes
  • Water Standby Charge Programs
  • Waste Management Fees
  • Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE)

We customize our service offerings to meet the unique needs of each project we work on. As a result, our expertise and service offerings include:

  • Initial setup, review and reconciliation of the parcel database to be used for billing and collection of assessments, taxes, fees and charges
  • Preparation of Annual Engineer's Report, Budget, and associated resolutions required for annual approval of assessments/taxes to be levied
  • Submittal of charges to be levied on the County Tax Roll, including reconciliation and resubmittal of exceptions
  • Comprehensive annual reporting summarizing district activity
  • Regular reporting of collections and payment status
  • Provide a toll-free number to field inquiries from all interested parties
  • Calculation of prepayment quotes for property owners and other interested parties, as requested
  • Recordation of release of liens for prepaid assessments and special taxes
  • Bond Call calculation and processing
  • Preparation of Cash Flow Certificates