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Willdan Engineering assists clients in addressing the many facets of water development, treatment, and distribution and conservation including energy savings, technical, financial, legal, political, and regulatory requirements. Our design experience encompasses virtually every type of water and wastewater system project:

  • water and energy conservation
  • master plans and studies
  • distribution pipelines
  • production wells
  • pump stations
  • reservoirs
  • collection systems
  • treatment and disposal facilities
  • telemetry monitoring systems
  • water and wastewater facilities security training and plans


Our full complement of construction-related services covers all phases up to and including construction administration.

Our computer-aided drafting and design technology utilizes the most advanced software versions and resources for computer modeling of pipeline networking, hydrogeologic characteristics of ground water basins, and watershed resources. Plans can include re-use opportunities for integration with local or regional potable water management programs when requested.

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