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Neighborhood Preservation/Improvement and Code Enforcement Services are among the most complex and challenging services that government agencies provide. According to studies, these issues affect property values, crime and insurance rates, and business development. Willdan Engineering maintains a staff with extensive public agency experience in the areas of neighborhood preservation / improvement, code enforcement, and graffiti prevention and removal.

Willdan Engineering has provided 32 cities with code enforcement / neighborhood preservation services such as:

  • Review, study and analysis of existing programs
  • Development of ordinances and writing of grant proposals
  • Neighborhood cleanup and improvement programs
  • Community education programs
  • Development of educational materials
  • Provide project managers and/or supervisors as on-site “employees”
  • Provide full-time, part-time, interim and/or weekend staff as on-site “employees”
  • Development, implementation and staffing of graffiti abatement programs
  • Vehicle abatement and parking enforcement
  • Assist in enforcement, including preparation and participation in prosecution by city and district attorneys
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