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Community Energy floating solar

Isawa-Ike 632 kWp plant on irrigation pond, with permission from Ciel et Terre

Floating Community Solar: WaterWatts

With over 80MW of floating systems deployed globally, Willdan with its partner Ciel & Terre USA provide a safe, proven, and simple floating solar system for municipal water assets.

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Reducing Cost, Increasing Revenue, Improving Water Quality

WaterWatts is a complete solution that can be grid connected, behind the meter connected or off grid which lowers cost and monetizes water assets. Now, small and large water resources such as drinking water reservoirs, quarry lakes, irrigation canals, waste water ponds or remediation and tailing ponds can be energy and revenue producing assets.

Wastewater treatment plants, irrigation districts and water agencies, as well as wineries, dairy farms, fish farms and mining companies, are examples of applications where low cost clean energy production can add large value for all stakeholders.

Community Energy + Floating Solar

Community solar is rapidly becoming the way to deploy solar with less cost and for municipalities to provide a large benefit to their constituents. Willdan’s Wattcommons Community Energy platform provides all the components necessary to develop, implement and manage community solar subscribers whether on the ground, roofs or floating. Wattcommons combined with WaterWatts provides a highly efficient and turn key suite of services to achieve multiple economic and constituent goals.


With a 50+ year history that brings together engineering, project development, financial services administration, and program management under one roof, Willdan (NASDAQ: WLDN) is your one stop, bankable partner for Clean Energy development.