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NYCEEC Project Implementor

Project Financing Strategies

Willdan works with our clients to integrate financial and economic considerations into the clean energy decision-making process. Our team evaluates the financial suitability of potential projects through estimating project costs, determining energy cost savings and calculating project paybacks. We help clients overcome financial barriers by connecting them with potential funders and identifying alternative financing options including utility incentives, rebates and grants; tax incentives; low-interest funding sources, and performance contracting alternatives.

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Sample Financing Strategies Projects

  • LA County Commercial PACE Program
  • Morgan Stanley Data Center Incentives
  • New York Internet Data Center Incentives
  • NYCEEC Project Implementor
  • Procurement of Government and Utility Incentives

Representative Project: NYCEEC Project Implementor

Willdan worked with the New York City Energy Efficiency Corporation (NYCEEC) to formalize their sales process and generate at least $10,000,000 of new clean energy loans. Utilizing our proven sales funnel process, Willdan’s developed a pipeline of customers targeted by optimal customer segments and forecasted deal flow based on activities and leads in the pipeline. To support outreach efforts, Willdan developed a custom to help NYCEEC track both potential borrowers and funders.