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City of San Francisco Sustainability

NAM has assisted the City and County of San Francisco with energy efficiency and sustainability since 2005.

Energy and Sustainability Consulting | Newcomb Anderson McCormick

Newcomb Anderson McCormick, a Willdan Company (NAM), is an energy engineering and management consulting firm which has been devoted exclusively to solving energy and sustainability issues for a quarter century.

By joining Willdan in April 2018, NAM can offer its clients access to Willdan's broad range of energy soutions and relationships with all major California utilities and 400 California municipalities. Willdan can benefit from NAM's strong electrical engineering expertise in California and its energy efficiency partnership programs with the UC, CSU and CC college systems, among other public agencies.

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NAM staff have specialized expertise in the following areas, for clients in both the public and private sectors.

Energy Program Development and Management

NAM has a quarter century track record of assisting all types of organizations with the development and management of energy programs. We currently manage some of the largest and most successful energy programs in the nation.

We help educational institutions navigate the numerous California Energy Commission (CEC) and California Department of Education (CDE) requirements for this unprecedented opportunity for California public education agencies to become more energy efficient and sustainable. Having completed the Proposition 39 Expenditure Plan and associated ASHRAE Level II audits for the Palm Springs Unified School District, Trinity County Office of Education and Schools, and Twin Rivers Unified School District, we are currently assisting over a dozen other California K-12 school districts.

In addition, since October 2013 NAM has acted as the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office’s (CCCCO) consultant in project development, outreach, tracking, and funding activities related to Prop 39, and is proud to have assisted the CCCCO in allocating more than $143 million in funding to all 113 California Community Colleges. NAM developed the CCC Prop 39 Implementation Guidelines. To date, 573 energy efficiency projects have been completed, and an additional 265 are currently underway.

Energy Engineering and Technical Due Diligence

NAM currently reviews the work of more than fifty other companies to ensure quality, accuracy, and compliance with regulatory and utility standards. These reviews encompass a broad range of engineering activities including complex energy simulations, trend evaluations, detailed engineering calculations and economic analyses.

Southern California Edison’s (SCE) has contracted with NAM on an ongoing basis for technical support for energy project and pipeline development for SCE’s institutional customers, including Higher Education and the State of California:

  • Audits and Pipeline Development NAM visited individual customers, conducted audits and worked with facilities staff, contractors, engineers and other involved parties to develop and or vet energy savings calculations for the purposes of initial estimation of project savings and costs and collected additional data to support incentive-grade savings calculations. Deliverables included audit reports with energy efficiency project recommendations, costs and savings calculations.
  • Project Development: NAM packages, processes and submits all paperwork for obtaining SCE rebates, SCE On-Bill Financing and Prop 39 funding applications. This includes as-needed support to fulfill technical reviewer requirements in order to obtain funding approval.
  • Project Status Tracking and Reporting
  • RCx Program Support: Project scoping, application and implementation support to help SCE CCC customers participate in RCx program offerings, development of program tools and templates, tracking and program enhancement recommendations.

Renewable Energy, Energy Storage and Distributed Generation

NAM is a leader in the fields of renewable power, energy storage and electricity self-generation. We have more than 30 years of experience working with turbine and reciprocating engine-based cogeneration and renewable energy sources, including photovoltaic systems, wind turbines, and others, totaling more than 400 MW of renewable power.

Our broad client base includes private sector companies, universities, colleges, K-12 schools, municipalities, utilities, and regulators. We have no affiliation with any system integrators or suppliers.

NAM is uniquely positioned to support renewables and energy storage programs due to our comprehensive understanding of all facets of these complex projects: technology, finance, regulation, procurement, program management, construction oversight, and system acceptance/commissioning.

NAM served as the County’s Technical Advisor and assisted 19 agencies through a renewable energy systems procurement. NAM confirmed the feasibility of selected sites and supported the economic modeling of over 130 sites, development of the procurement process and documents, creation of specifications for PV, thermal and fuel cell projects, evaluation of vendor proposals, and negotiation of contracts. In addition, we conducted workshops to educate stakeholders about solar technology, economics, procurement and implementation. Estimated construction costs for projects developed through the program were $112 million.

Sustainability and Strategic Energy Planning

NAM has broad experience and expertise in sustainability and strategic energy planning, as well as in LEED certification consulting, program design, stakeholder outreach, process improvement, technical and engineering analysis, and program implementation for large, complex organizations and customers.

The California Community Colleges Sustainability Plan Template is a roadmap and customizable toolkit designed to help the CCC Districts implement sustainability goals unique to each campus. Created by NAM in partnership with Citrus College, the CCC Chancellor’s Office, and the California Energy Commission,
the Sustainability Template received the first annual District Leadership Award in Energy & Sustainability from the CCC Board of Governors in 2013.

NAM has assisted several CCDs, including San Mateo, Rancho Santiago, Feather River, and Sonoma County, with using the Template to develop their own Sustainability Plans.

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