Energy Engineering

  • 75,000+ projects
  • 1700 GWh savings
  • Commissioning and M&V
  • Energy master planning
  • Owners rep services

Direct Installation

  • Utility direct install program delivery
  • Lighting & HVAC retrofits
  • Small businesses
  • Project roll out across building portfolios

Energy Program Administration

  • Innovative outreach
  • Turnkey energy program administration
  • Technical review
  • Expert program design and regulatory support

Community Energy. Simplified.

  • Wattcommons platform, powered by Willdan
  • End-to-end solution under one roof
  • Integrated subscriber and asset management

Performance Contracting

  • Design, con­struc­tion manage­ment and administration
  • Guaranteed energy savings
  • Testing, balancing, commissioning

Microgrid Experts

  • Feasibility studies
  • On-site generation, battery storage, network operation design
  • Regulatory, demand-side and supply-side liaison
  • Technical, regulatory and financial support

Marketing & Outreach

  • Increase energy program participation, engage hard-to-reach customers
  • Ensure customer satisfaction
  • Customer Relationship Management software

Financing Strategies

  • Financial analysis of clean energy projects
  • Government and utility incentives
  • Funding resources and performance contracting alternatives
  • Bayfront Hilton, Energy Champion
  • Small Business outreach and installation, New York
  • Direct Install team, Washington state
  • Charter School solar array, BlackRockSolar, BY CC
  • From planning and design through verification of energy savings
  • On-site renewable energy generation
  • Queen Mary energy audit, Long Beach
  • NYC: financing solutions to enable projects that save energy or reduce greenhouse gases

Willdan Energy Solutions

Helping you make the most of your energy resources.

Willdan Energy Solutions is a nationwide engineering consulting firm that serves investor and municipal owned utilities, private sector and government clients through our regional and local offices. We develop and implement com­pre­hensive energy solutions for our customers in the data center, healthcare, lodging, schools and small business sectors.

To date, Willdan has served more than 125,000 customers with 90,000+ projects that have prevented 1.9M metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions, saved 2,600 GWh and reduced demand on the grid. Willdan has obtained more than $500M in incentives and rebates on behalf of our customers to reduce implementation costs and maximize financial returns.   Services Overview flyer

Our highly experienced staff work as independent representatives of the building owner to deliver the services below.


  • Expert analysis of energy baseline and consumption
  • A tailored engineering approach and required plans to help our customers reach their energy goals
  • Optimal strategies to maximize customer value for every energy dollar spent (review of incentives, rebates, grants, low-interest funds, tax advantages and performance contracting alternatives to reduce project implementation costs and maximize financial returns)
  • Installation of energy efficiency conservation measures, identified through an Investment Grade Audit
  • Complete Measurement and Verification Analysis performed for installed measures used to verify Guaranteed Savings
  • Project Management by highly experienced and credentialed technical staff to handle project from conceptual design all the way through full project implementation